A Different Way of ThinkingWe cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking we used when we created them. -- A. Einstein


 Take your business to an uncomfortable level…

Paul A. Phillips is a Memphis-based Business Leader with over 20 years of experience in a broad array of industries. He has been successful in pulling together IT/Operations groups and then developing them into first class Ops / Technology Teams. He has a passion for helping businesses grow by challenging the status quo – encouraging a different way of thinking

What people are saying about Paul A. Phillips:

“It is not often we come across people who have such a high level of skill embracing both people and professional expertise. Paul is first of all enjoyable to work with, but deep satisfaction from the experience comes when that rests on such a strong foundation of knowledge & creative skill.”    John P.
“Paul demonstrates exceptional leadership and decision making abilities…He takes the time to understand … Paul exhibits sound and enduring industry experience that he actively applies.”  Paul B.
“… I found him to be a very astute and well-rounded… a strategic thinker who knows how to align resources to business objectives.”  Eric T.
“…incredibly thorough, ethical and professional at all times.”  Paul M.
“…capable, intelligent and level headed…is of the highest integrity, trustworthy and builds loyalty by modeling the highest trust and loyalty in return.”  Kevin B.
“…truly a professional in his field.  He sees the glass as half-full and “catches the vision” to move forward. I recommend Paul as a business partner, technology wizard, trainer and a solid strategic thinker.” Loventrice F.